Why Interoperability in Web3 is important

Why Interoperability in Web3 is important

The primary purpose or Web3 has always been to move data ownership away from centralized organization, to user ownership. Now? We just need to get them to interact.

Interoperability opens a whole new world to how data can be shared, stored and used without having to rely on any centralized organization.

What is Interoperability?

Interoperability in Web3 simply means the ability of several different Blockchain networks being able to communicate efficiently with one another. This eliminates compatibility issues when moving digital assets from one chain to another.

With interoperability, a move of your digital assets from the polygon network to Ethereum chain shouldn't be a problem, neither should you face any restrictions.

With this in place, digital assets owners can now use their assets on a broader scope not limited to a Blockchain or network or a specific use case.

Originally, the Web3 ecosystem gives the power of back to the users, allowing them to remove centralized organizations from the picture, with interoperability users will now also be able to take total control of their data, and who or where it's shared to; if they want to share it at all, even granting the opportunity for monetization.

Why do we need Interoperability?

To fully understand why it's necessary, we need to understand this; Blockchain has a problem that has prevented it's wide spread adoption across the tech ecosystem.

Like we said earlier, Blockchain has an earlier problem of not being able to interoperate, which was a major problem in the crypto land scape. A token here cannot be used in another chain. It takes forever to bridge a token from one chain to another.


With interoperability, adoption and utility starts to increase, by enabling users to access multiple applications across several different chains. This means different protocols can now work together and increase mass adoption.

This will bring unprecedented increase and worldwide adoption in the Web3 and Blockchain industry ensuring that each protocol is well integrated with other protocols out there for an easy and lucrative decentralized ecosystem.

Full Data Ownership

As we said earlier, Web3 offers a decentralized ecosystem where there are no central powers in the web, with the current Web standard, companies are in full control of user data allowing them use the data however they see fit, and users have to put their trust in companies, hoping their data aren't used for malicious reasons.

With the technological guarantee that Web3 interoperability offers, users can now get full ownership of their data through cryptography technology. This means users can now store their own data and give them true digital asset ownership, the technology behind NFTs.


Web3 technology has come a long way when it comes to technological innovations. We have advanced chain tech, cryptography, countless of decentralized apps, and more.

Interoperability is the next step to fully enable the decentralized ecosystem to achieve its fullest potential.

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