Top 5 Web3 Online Communities to Join

Top 5 Web3 Online Communities to Join

Part of the learning process is being surrounded by like-minds who are just as driven in your journey, being with people you can communicate with, and sharing resources as well. As a learner finding your community, your people, and your friends, are crucial to your learning progress.

Communities also help professionals as well, meet-ups, coffee talks, important networks, Job opportunities, and more. In this article, I have curated the top 5 Web3 communities from my experience that are considered to be active and resourceful.

Developer DAO

Developer DAO is a community of Web3 Engineers wanting to grow with a global community, some of the top Web3 Engineers are part of this community, and you should join to get in on the advantages.

Developer DAO has a min job board too, where you can apply to certain jobs across multiple fields in the Web3 world

How do you join? Most of the activities take place in their Discord server, but you'll have to join through the third-party website, you'll have to connect your wallet to join and get roles in the community.

Polygon Community

Polygon is a platform that helps blockchain networks under Ethereum connect and scale, they also have a cryptocurrency, with the symbol MATIC. Polygon is a tool you are going to come across at some point. Polygon has a community program that spans the world, leaders of each province host guilds where you can be a part of, meet new people, and work on multiple projects together.

How do you join? There's no membership, you are to visit their community page and find a guild that's near your area and attend the next event available to network and learn from other peeps.


A lot of Web3 enthusiasts are from Africa embracing the new world faster than most other groups. Web3Afrika is a community for Africans all over the world. Over there you will be able to communicate with like-minded individuals learning the world of Web3.

The primary mode of communication is Discord, other events are hosted by Web3Afrika and there's a lot to learn. You can also mingle with other African devs, message them if you're working on something and got stuck, and so much more.

Start by visiting the official website, it's not complicated at all, all you have to do is hit the discord button and you are in!

Surge Women

If you are a woman in Web3, and you want a woman-led web3 community, then the surge women community is a perfect match. It is a community with investors, financial independence, and a large amount of Web3 developers.

In an effort to secure women's place in the web3 community, Surge Women created a place that prioritizes the needs of women in web3 by providing educational content and courses, a female Web3 job board, and an extremely active discord community. There's also a sure passport NFT that unlocks many other Web3 opportunities.

To join all you need is to visit their official website, you will need to scroll down a little more to see the discord invite link, before you get there you will find details about their web3 courses, so if you are not a developer yet, you can get started right away.


Web3 developer, huh? Well, you get to prove it now, with 24000 others in the Hack2skill community. It's a community with hardcore technologists, developers, and programmers of all sorts to improve their skills, developed to cater to modern-age developers.

The community does not require any fancy registration to join, all you need to do is hit the discord invite link and you're in. Now as a Web3 developer, you might be wondering, how it relates to your field, well at Hack2Skill there are several different groups of devs, front-end, back-end and of course, web3 among others.


You can't do it alone, believe me, I've tried it didn't work out well for me. There are times you just feel like you don't know what it is you are doing and you're the only one in the world getting it wrong.

No, you're not getting it wrong, you just need a community to learn with, to grow with, to integrate with and feel among. it's crazy how surrounding yourself with like-minded people helps you grow faster than you'd ever imagine.

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